Bridgeport, PA Scaffold Collapse, Jun 1911


Father Fatally and Son Badly Injured at Scaffold Breaks.

NORRISTOWN, Pa., June 24.----Jacob Smith, 46 years old, and his son, Robert, 22 years old, bricklayers, dropped forty-five feet while working inside a stack more than 100 feet high at the Diamond State Fiber Company's plant at Bridgeport. The elder Smith received a compound fracture of the skull and will die. The son had an arm broken in two places and was badly bruised.

The accident was due to the scaffold collapsing. The men were at work on the inside of the stack and had made the necessary repairs to within about forty-five feet of the ground. Young Smith is unable to say what caused the scaffold to collapse.

James Wheeler was at work at the bottom of the stack when the scaffold fell, but escaped injury.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 25 Jun 1911