New Florence, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1890


An Engine Crashes Into the Rear of a Sleeping Car.

Pittsburg, Pa., November 14.

The third section of the western express on the the [sic] Pennsylvania railroad, due in this city at 7:30 o'clock this morning, ran into the rear end of the second section, between New Florence and Johnstown, about 5:20 o'clock. Two persons were killed and eleven injured. Six of the latter are said to be fatally hurt. The passengers were transferred. It appears that the first section of the western express was detained by the freight wreck near New Florence station. The second section was following close up and when the first train pulled out the second was held up in the block to allow the train to get ahead. The third section of the western express came thundering along at a high rate of speed and crashed into the rear car of the second section. This car is said to have been the Washington, D. C., sleeper and was well filled with passengers. All of the killed and injured were in this car. A special engine and car, with several physicians on board, was sent from this city to the scene of the wreck immediately after the report reached here.

The following is a list of killed and injured:
Killed – HENRY D. MINOTT, 30 Court street, Boston, Mass.; MRS. S. H. ANGEL, 809 Twenty-first street, N., Washington.

Injured – MR. WEIHLE, Haymarket, Va., slightly; MRS. R. R. WEIHLE, seriously; R. S. DELANEY and wife, Haymarket, Va., seriously; J. F. MATTHEA, Baltimore, Md., seriously; J. H. HALMAN, 629 B street, Washington, D. C.; WILLIAM ROCKSTER, Hoffman house, New York, seriously; C. C. HICKS, Providence, R. I., slightly; MRS. M. B. KELLOGG, Richmond, Va., seriously; J. H. HILL, Sunbury, Pa., slightly; MILLER, express messenger No. 7, Allegheny city, Pa., slightly.

At the time of the accident there were twenty-two passengers in the car, and the only reason the death list was not larger was because a number of the passengers from the rear end were in the wash room making their toilets. MR. MINET (?) was sleeping in the rear section, and he probably never knew what hurt him. When removed from the wreck is head was crushed into an unrecognizable mass. MRS. ANGEL, the other victim, was caught between the upper and lower berths and crushed to death.
Later news from the scene of the disaster reports seven more injured, making eighteen in all, only two in the car escaping. Their names are F. A. PARRISH, Quincy, Ill.; MRS. M. WELFARE, of Cleveland.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1890-11-14