Silverstreet, SC School Bus And Train Collision, Dec 1946

south carolina dec 1946


Newberry, S.C., Dec. 18 -- (AP) -- A loaded school bus and a southern railway passenger train collided on a fog-shrouded crossing seven miles southwest of here, today, killing ten small school children and the bus driver, and sending eleven other pupils to a hospital, most of them with critical injuries.
The pre-Christmas tragedy occurred on a dirt road that rises sharply to a blind crossing at Dead Fall junction. Officers suggested that the driver, RICHARD S. SANDERS, was not expecting the train at the time because it was running about two hours late.
One family, Ralph Lancaster, lost two sons, ROBERT LANCASTER, 16, and JACK LANCASTER, 13. Another casualty was HAROLD LANCASTER, 14, the son of L. R. Lancaster of Lockhart. Two others lost sons and daughters, C. W. Riser, lost PEGGY JOYCE RISER, 13, and JOHN WYMAN RISER, 7, and James Long, lost LIBBIE LONG, 12, and BOBBIE LONG, 7.
State highway patrolmen who investigated said the train, bound from Greenville to Columbia, apparently struck the bus in the side and dragged it for nearly a quarter of a mile. The door was the only part of the 10-year-old bus that was not demolished.
Some bodies were found under the locomotive. Others were on the cowcatcher, and still others were strewn along the right of way, together with books, pieces of clothing and other articles.
The dead besides those named, were: CHARLEEN REBECCA GARNER, 6, daughter of Mrs. C. D. Garner, GERALD PADGETT, 13, son of R. B. Padgett, DONALD BRANNON, 12, and FANNY MURRAY, 16.
Two girls and a boy were thrown clear of the bus at the time of impact. One of the girls, ALVERTA MOATES, walked with Conductor O. C. Crouch to the nearby home of R. E. Hanna to telphone for ambulances. She was later admitted to the hospital. ODELL MOATES, 7, is improving in a Columbia hospital.
The train and bus collided about 8:10 a.m. It was not until several hours afterward that all the dead were identified.

Abilene Reporter-News Texas 1946-12-19


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Mr. Sanders had a hang over from the night before and he was running late. His wife said she tried to get him to stay home.the girls' name is Alverta Moates,she thought she was going home, (she was by herself because she was running so fast he couldn't catch her ) but she ended up at Mr. Ron Ham's' home. She is my sister in law so this is first hand