Greenville, SC (near) Air Force transport crash, Nov 1950


Greenville, S. C., Nov. 13 -- (UP) -- Four victims of the crash of an air force C-82 transport were identified by the Greenville Air Force base today. The plane struck a mountainside 40 miles from here Saturday night.
The men were named as:
Capt. JOHN MILES STUCKROTH, 5217 Clarvin, Pittsburgh.
1st Lt. ROBERT P. SCHMITT, 224 Aimes St., Pittsburg.
Staff Sgt. JOHN DAVIS BLOOMER, 79 N. Bryant Ave., Pittsburgh.
Staff Sgt. WALTER D. LOTT, 3301 W. Cervantes St., Pensacola, Fla. LOTT was a passenger.
The C-82 was enroute to its home base here on a routine flight from Montgomery, Ala.

The Charleroi Mail Pennsylvania 1950-11-13