Charleston, SC Passenger Plane Crash, Dec 1946


Charleston, S.C. (UP) -- Investigators seeking the cause of the New Year's Eve crash of an Inter-Continental Airline plane killing three men and two women, checked the report of a control tower operator today that the converted Army C-47 transport plane burst into flames while circling the field for a landing.
The victims were identified as:
Capt. AMOS AUSTIN, Fernando, Calif.
Capt. JAMES McNEAL, Dania, Fla.
Co-Pilot ELMER KORTMAN, Westfield, N. J.
OLGA BADMAN, New York City, stewardess.
MRS. DORIS WYNN, of California, stewardess.
Lt. Julian Williams of the Charleston County police said that the unidentified control tower operator had given the pilot permission to land shortly before the plane plunged into a cornfield north of the field.
Previously the control tower refused to give any information on the crash. Williams' report came only after it was found that all occupants in the plane were killed.
The plane was en route from Newark, N. J., to Miami to pick up cargo, and was carrying an extra pilot and two stewardesses as "dead-heads."
Coroner John T. Deveaux who walked almost two miles through marshlands to reach the scene said that all the bodies inside the plane were burned beyond recognition.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1947-01-02