Spartanburg, SC Train-Buggy Accident, Jan 1904


They Were Driving Across a Railroad Track—

Spartanburg, Jan. 7.—Hon. J. H. Brooks of York county was a passenger on the train, No. 11 of the Southern from Charlotte to Atlanta, which reached here at 3:40 p.m.—almost on time, for a wonder. He has business in and about Spartanburg. Mr. Brooks reports that while this train was speeding along between Gastonia and Bessemer, in passing a road crossing, the pilot of the locomotive struck a vehicle in which two negro women were seated. The women were killed outright along with the mule, which carried the buggy. The vehicle was totally destroyed. It is thought that the negroes attempted to pass, while the train was near at hand. The names of the two women were not ascertained by Mr. Brooks.

The State, Columbia, SC 8 Jan 1904