Moncks Corner, SC Train and Truck Collision, Jan 1985


Moncks Corner (AP) - An Amtrak train plowed into a pickup truck at a rural intersection Friday night and killed a 21-year-old Goose Creek man, nearly tearing his vehicle in half, an official and a witness said.
The passenger train was traveling north from Moncks Corner when the collision occurred at 10:11 p.m., state Highway Department Cpl. Russell L. Faulkner said.
The victim was identified by the state Highway Patrol as MARK A. CADELL.
CADELL drove his truck onto the tracks from U.S. 52. The train crossing had a stop sign, but no electronic warning system or gates.
"We have one (a train collision) here once or twice a year," Faulkner said.
The train was allowed to continue its trip a short time after the accident, Faulkner said.
"Trains always have the right of way."
The Amtrak train was traveling 70 miles per hour at the point of impact and the pickup truck was thrown 156 feet, Faulkner said. The victim's body was thrown even farther, he said.
A witness at the scene said the truck was "practically broken in half" and the driver's side where the train hit was "smashed like a pancake."

The Index-Journal Greenwood South Carolina 1985-01-20