Rock Hill, SC Automobile- Bus Accident, Sep 1955


A former Dover nurse and her young daughter were killed, a Dover woman was critically injured and seven others were hurt in an automobile-bus collision at Rock Hill, S.C., yesterday.
Dead are MRS. RUSSELL WILLIAMS, 31, of 2550 Hirsch Street, Massillon, a native of Dover, and her 3-year-old daughter, LINDA SUE. Both died in York County Hospital.
Injured were MRS. WILLIAMS' husband, RUSSELL, 34; MISS ROSE PETRICOLA of 318 W. 5th Street, and MRS. DOMINIC PACE of 407 W. 15th Street, Dover. MRS. PACE is in critical condition and her husband was called from Dover to her bedside. He left for Rock Hill last night accompanied by Miss PETRICOLA'S father, Gilbert.
Both the dead and the others were in the automobile on their way to Florida for a brief vacation.
In addition four passengers on the Carolina Scenic Stages bus and the bus driver were injured.
The crash occurred at 11:30 a.m. at an intersection. MRS. WILLIAMS died about a half hour after the crash and her daughter died at 6:30 p.m.
Both MRS. WILLIAMS and her daughter were thrown through the windshield. They were sitting in the front seat with MR. WILLIAMS, who was driving.
MRS. WILLIAMS is the former Alva Dallas D'Allesio, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic V. D'Allesio of 525 N. Tuscarawas Ave. She formerly was a nurse at Union Hospital in Dover.

The Daily Reporter Dover Ohio 1955-09-02