Hollywood, SC Mail Plane Crash Kills Two, Dec 1955


Charleston, Dec. 17 -- (AP) -- A C-46 commercial plane owned by the Riddle Air Line of West Palm Beach, Fla., crashed and burned hear Hollywood tonight. Two bodies had been removed and two others were sought.
The South Carolina Cival Air Patrol said the plane crashed some 30 minutes after it had reported to the Civil Aeronautics Administration tower at Savannah, Ga., that it was in trouble.
Reports from the scene said the plane was still burning fiercely and that attempts to search for more bodies was delayed.
Neither of the bodies already removed had been identified.
The plane was reported en route from Wilmington, N. C., to Jacksonville, Fla. It was carrying first class mail, the CAP said.
The village of Hollywood, at the intersection of Highways 162 and 165 is 17 miles southeast of here.
Hollywood resident MRS. F. D. MIDDLETON, JR., said she heard the craft "come right over the top of the fire station."
She said, "I heard it glide and heard a peculiar sound. When the explosion came, I ran to the window and saw the flames. We put on the town siren and got all the firemen out and saved a lot of mail."
Two civilian fire trucks were sent to the scene. Other firefighting equipment and ambulances were rushed from the Charleston Air Force base.
The dead are:
GEORGE LOHR, 31, of Miami, pilot.
RICHARD J. GLENDON, 36, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., co-pilot.

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1955-12-18