Charleston, SC Fire, Apr 1854

Large Fire at Charleston-Destruction of Property.

From the Charleston Courier, 19th.

Our citizens were aroused from their slumbers at an early hour yesterday morning, by an alarm of fire, which originated in the third-story of the premises owned and occupied by Dr. P. M. COHEN & Co., as a drug and chemical store, situated on Hayne-street, and running through to Market-street. The flames spread with great rapidity, extending east and west, destroying in its progress the store in which it originated, together with its contents, and eight others of that valuable range of buildings. The buildings running east of Dr. COHEN'S, which have been destroyed, were owned and occupied by the following names and firms:

The first owned by E. THAYER, of the firm of DEWING, THAYER & Co., of our city, was occupied by Messers. G. Z. WALDRON & Co., as a wholesale clothing establishment.

The second was the extensive drug establishment of Messrs. HAVILAND, HARRAL & Co. The building was owned by the estate of BOYCE.

The third was occupied by T. M. HORSEY & Co., and was owned by G. H. KELSEY, formerly of this city.

The flames were here arrested at the store of Messrs. B. W. & J. P. FORCE & Co., shoe dealers, which was considerably damaged by water and fire, as was also their stock.

To the West, running to Meeting street, commences the store owned by F. D. FANNING, and occupied by the firm of which he is the head, as a wholesale Hat and Cap establishment.

Next comes the dry goods store of Messers. GILLILANDS, HOWELL & Co. who have sustained a heavy loss in the destruction of their property, but which we are pleased to learn is fully covered. The premises were owned by Mr. W. H. GILLILAND.

COURTNEY, TENNENT & Co., adjoining the above, are hardware dealers. The loss of the firm is also heavy, but we believe they are fully covered. The buildings were owned by the firm.

Next in rotation is the dry goods establishment of Messrs. HYATT, McBURNEY & Co., who saved a large portion of their goods.

Messrs. HARE, CALHOUN & Co., next the above, who are large dealers in sadlery ware, have suffered severely in the loss of stock, which we believe was fully insured.

The extensive dry goods establishment adjoining the above to the west, which narrowly escaped destruction, is very much insured, as was also their large stock of goods, which we learn, however, is amply covered by insurance, effected both here and at the North.

The Charleston Hotel had a narrow escape from being consumed. Mr. Mixer, however, boldly met the danger and with the aid of the Fire Department, his boarders, guests, officers of the establishment and domestics, so successfully combated the devouring element, that the building was uninjured, with the exception of slight damage to its ornamental appearance, which can be repaired at a trivial expense.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Apr 1854