Cartersville, SC Drowning, Aug 1908


Eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Haynie of Cartersville Loses His Life.

Special to The State.

Cartersville, Aug. 8.---This little village was shocked beyond expression yesterday at noon, when the horrible tidings were brought by a little negro boy that Charles G. Haynie, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Haynie, was drowned in Lynches river near town. He had gone out with a party of young boys to go in bathing. He could not swim and soon got into a deep hole, which sucked him in. His brother, Will, did everything in his power to save his life but all in vain. Just as soon as possible the river was dragged and his dead body brought to the surface. His bereaved parents are prostrated with grief. The entire town is in the deepest mourning for this young man who was budding into manhood. He was only 16 years of age and a splendid specimen of a young man. He leaves a grief stricken mother and father, one sister and two brothers.

The State, Columbia, SC 9 Aug 1908