Yemassee, SC Train Wreck, Jan 1907

Pullmans Burn In Wreck.

Engineer Killed and Four Trainmen and One Passenger Hurt.

Charleston, S. C., Jan 21 – News was received here to—night of the wreck and destruction by fire of north-bound special New York and Florida vestibule train No. 88, Atlantic Coast Line, at 8:20 o’clock at Yemassee, a junction point fifty-nine miles from Charleston.

The train, which was running at a fair speed, went into an open switch and crashed into the engine of a freight train on the siding. Engineer JOHNSON, of Florence, on train 88, was killed, and Engineer HORTON and three train hands of the freight were injured.

The train, composed of a baggage car and seven Pullmans, caught fire at once and all except one car were burned.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 22 Jan 1907