Winnsboro, SC Freights Collide in Yard, Mar 1920

Special Hits Rear End of Local Causing Considerable Loss of Property

Special to The State
Winnsboro, March 18--A freight wreck occurred here last night at about 8:40 o'clock when a special freight train, north bound from Columbia, ran into the rear of local freight No. 63, which was standing still on the track, about a quarter of a mile below the freight depot. The accident was due to a cross in the train orders. Train No. 63 had come into the station at Winnsboro, and the engineer had received his orders and had been shifting cars out on the tracks at the Winnsboro mills. In the meantime, the dispatcher at Columbia had sent out a special freight with orders of right of way, but the engineer of train No. 63 did not receive the change in orders in time, as he was between the depot and the Winnsboro mills when the new orders were received. At the time of the collision, he was preparing to go out to the Winnsboro mills again, and the door to the engine box was open. The force of the collision knocked the fire out into the engine cab, which caught fire and was completely destroyed. About eight freight cars of train No. 63 were badly damaged, and one was completely destroyed. Fortunately, there was no loss of life or serious injuries to either train crew. Turner, a member of the train crew of the special freight, was slightly injured and was carried to Columbia for treatment. The track was cleared in time for the first northbound passenger train through Winnsboro this morning, which reaches here at 6:30 a.m.

Transcribed by Linda Brown