Greenville, SC street car wreck, May 1908


Accident in Greenville in Which Motorman John Biggers is Seriously Hurt.

Special to The State.

Greenville, May 29. - An accident which came very near resulting seriously, occurred about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon on the trolley line on the west bank of the river. Street car No. 12, which was loaded with passengers for the ball park, was rounding the curve along the ascent from the west bank of the river when it collided with the north street car No. 1. The cars came together with terrific force and it was remarkable that no one was painfully injured on either car save the motorman, Mr. John Biggers, on car No. 1. Mr. Biggers' injuries are painful indeed, though not necessarily serious. He was carried to Earle's sanatorium for treatment. Mr. Martin, motormon [sic] on car No. 12, received a slight cut on the face but his injuries were not as painful as Mr. Biggers'.

Many of the passengers on No. 12, when they saw that the cars were about to collide, jumped to the ground. While those who remained in their seats were considerably shaken up.

The vestibule of No. 1 was completely demolished but the larger car was not hurt.

The cause of the collision, as given by the traction company, was that the signal light at the corner of Augusta and Pendleton streets had fused out and that Motorman Biggers, seeing no signal at this point, thought that the track was clear.

The accident occurred on a curve and the motormen saw the approaching car too late to apply the breaks [sic] for effective service.

The State, Columbia, SC 30 May 1908