Aiken, SC Fatal Iron Bed Accident, Apr 1909


Six-months-old Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Howard Meets Distressing End.

Special to The State.

Aiken, April 25.---The little 6-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Howard of Graniteville met death last night in a most harrowing manner. In the early part of the evening Mrs. Howard left the baby on an iron bed to sleep. The bed had perpendicular rods at the head and foot. Mrs. Howard stepped out for a few minutes and when she returned she saw the baby's body hanging from the bed, the child's head having been caught between the perpendicular rods. When Mrs. Howard rescued the baby from its position she found that the little one's neck was broken. The baby survived only a few minutes.

Mr. Howard arrived from Aiken a few minutes later and found his wife almost prostrated with grief.

The State, Columbia, SC 26 Apr 1909