Highmore, Blunt, Ree Heights, Holabird Area, SD Tornado, Jun 1915

Cyclone Hits South Dakota; Large Damage

Several Fatalities Reported-Many Families Are Homeless.

Crops Hit Hard By Severe Hail

Relief Parties Are Following Path of Storm-Wires Are All Down.

(Herald Special Service.)
Aberdeen, S.D., June 15.-The worst cyclone in the history of South Dakota visited the central part of the state this evening, doing considerable damage and killing several person in the vicinity of Highmore, Blunt, Ree Heights and Holabird.

Clara Wright, the only surviving cousin of Orville and Curtis Wright, the famous aviators, was reported killed near Highmore.

Two storms seemed to sweep over the affected area, one striking Blunt and moving eastward to a point about a mile north of Harrold. The other a storm appeared north of Highmore and moved east at about the same time apparently spending itself between Ree Heights and Miller.

Blunt reports that the storm struck through the north portion of the town, destroying twelve houses, fifteen barns and numerous small buildings. Four persons are reported injured, two fatally.

Ree Heights reports $10,000 damage to buildings, but no fatalities or serious accidents as yet.

Considerable damage is reported to crops in the area covered by this storm, but the extent could no be determined tonight.

Property loss is estimated around $200,000; heavy hail, some as large as baseballs, but the average as large as eggs, did much damage to the crops, especially to the winter wheat and rye, which had already commenced to head out.

A relief party from Highmore headed by Congressman Royal C. Johnson, went over the path of the storm, giving much relief. A large number of families were left homeless at Blunt on account of the storm.

Wires are down all through this section, making it very difficult to get reliable information.

Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND 16 Jun 1915