Madisonville, TN Tornado, Mar 1889


Tennessee Counties Visited and Much Property Is Destroyed as a Result.

Athens, Tenn., March 6. – A terrific cyclone passed over a portion of Madisonville and Monroe county Saturday night, with disastrous results. Early in the evening a strong wind arose and several hours later a cyclone about 70 yards wide struck a portion of Madisonville, killing three persons, wounding ten or twelve others and completely destroying 12 or 15 houses and several barns. The killed are: MR. and MRS. JACK MOSER and ED L. HORTON. The storm came up with alarming suddenness and swept everything in its path It was accompanied by the terrific roar usually attending cyclones. Frightened inhabitants rushed for their cellars and places of safety. In the country great damage was done to orchards and crops by the wind and hail. It is reported that further casualties resulted in outlying rural districts, but no particulars can be obtained.

The most frightful of the tornado was the manner in which JACK MOSER met his death. He was hurled by the wind’s force form his house a distance of 700 yards until his progress was impeded by a wire fence, which completely severed his head from the body.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 11 Mar 1889