Memphis, TN Tornado, Apr 1932


At Least Six Are Dead In Shelby County Early Today

Memphis, Tenn., April 25--Apparently sweeping across the Mississippi river from Arkansas a tornado that twisted into the north end of Shelby county left at least six known dead and more than a score injured.

The dead:
MRS. T. J. DALE, 65, Kerrville.
JESSE L. SPARKS, JR., aged 3, Rosemark.
ROBERT HARRIS, 65, negro, Millington.
DICK SPIGEE, a negro child, Rosemark.
ETHEL ADAMS, negro woman, Millington.
Unidentified negro, Rosemark.

Carrie Durnger, 23, who said she weighs more than 200 pounds, told reporters she was picked up from the kitchen door of her home east of Millington and sent flying through the air for a distance of several hundred feet. She landed in soft mud.

T. J. Dale, whose wife was killed, said the tornado resembled a “black cloud rushing with astonishing speed towards Millington.”

“The storm,” he said, “hit our house with a terrific roar and the house seemed to lift for a second and shake.

“Then with a deafening noise everything seemed to pile around me and on top of me. I was stunned for a few seconds.”

Dale and negro helpers on his farm dug their way out of the wreckage and freed Mrs. Dale, who died a short while after reaching the hospital.

Fayetteville Daily Democrat, Fayetteville, AR 25 Apr 1932