Falls Creek, TX Tornado, May 1890


A Number of People Killed and Many Houses Demolished.

A destructive cyclone visited Fall Creek, in the eastern part of Hood County, Texas. At the home of LEO RHODES his large family and a number of visitors about twenty persons in all, were gathered. The wind blew a granary against a chimney, which fell on the roof, crushing it in an coming down upon the occupants of the room, a majority of whom were women and children.

MISS DELLA CARMICHAEL, aged seventeen, was instantly killed, as were MARY CARMICHAEL, aged ten, and the little baby of MR. GIBBS. MRS. RHODES and her twelve-year-old daughter (NORA) were fatally hurt. MRS. GIBBS and her ten-year-old daughter (TILLIE) were seriously injured. Other children in the house were bruised.

Many houses were blown down at Fall Creek and the occupants injured, some of them fatally.

At the house on ROBINSON'S ranch are the bodies of three of “DOC” GRIFFIN'S children and his sister.

The house of A. F. JOHNSON was an overcrowded hospital. The patients included D. C. McCOY, who was badly bruised about the body and legs. His wife is in the same condition. Lying by her side was their baby girl, with a broken skull. The child could hardly live.

DR. W. JANUARY and his wife were there badly injured. In the next room was the body of their four-year-old boy.

Twenty-one houses were demolished and the occupants more or less injured. The tornado was half a mile wide and demolished everything in its path.

“DOC” GRIFFIN and his wife were carried to the residence of JOHN BLOCK. They were so badly injured that their recovery was doubtful.
The little hamlet of Acton, Texas, on the line of Parker and Hood Counties, was blown away by a tornado. Four persons were killed and seven seriously wounded. A number of houses were blown down in that vicinity.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1890-05-09