Odessa, TX Bus Bicycle Wreck, Nov 1956

Ex-Abilene Boy Killed

Billy Patterson, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Patterson of Odessa, former Abilenian, was killed about 3 p.m. Friday as he rode his new bicycle home from school.

He was hit bay a bus as he rode across a highway.

Funeral arrangements are pending in Odessa.

The Pattersons lived in Abilene until about three years ago, and Billy attended College Heights Elementary School.

Patterson is a tool dresser.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 17 Nov 1956


bus and bike 1956 odessa tx.

i was on that bus just about all the kids knew billy that was a sad day for everyone back then there was 5 sets of rr tracks and we were past all of them he was on his new bike he came along side the bus along at the edge the road there was a lot of loose dirt. billy bike slid his hands were on the window across from me he slid down the side of the bus and was gone then there was a big bump then it was over. i was looking on google earth and found this site it brought back thoughts i have never forgot billy or that day. im 67 now and still cant forget that day.