Chandler, TX Oil Truck And Train Collision, Nov 1962


Chandler, Tex. -- UPI -- A Cotton Belt freight train hit a truck loaded with 6,000 gallons of crude oil today, setting off an explosion and fire that destroyed the locomotive and truck and killed three train crewmen.
One of six units of the locomotive exploded, as well as the truck. Part of the locomotive engine landed on the roof of a home owned by Mrs. B. M. Whitehead. She escaped injury. Flames shot 100 feet into the sky. The train ran a mile past the collision point before it stopped.
The vicitms were identified as:
Engineer J. T. PILES, 53.
Head Brakeman K. P. JONES, 67.
Fireman H. E. MALONE, all of Tyler, Tex.
PILES and JONES were trapped in the cab. Their bodies were burned beyond recognition. MALONE leaped from the train. His body was found by the roadbed. MALONE died en route to a hospital at Tyler, Tex.
JAMES LUCE, 33, of Swan, Tex., the driver of the truck, was hospitalized in Tyler with second degree burns. Bud McKinney, who lives near the scene of the accident, said LUCE leaped from his truck and rolled in dirt to put out the flames on his clothes.

Star-News Pasadena California 1962-11-23