McKinney, TX Storm, May 1948

Visitor From Breck Says Storm At McKinney Devastated Blocks

Rube Blain, who drove several from here to McKinney last night and spent about two hours there, said this morning that in places “you never saw anything like it.”

The party went to find out about relatives. Besides Mr. Blain there were Mrs. Blain, Mrs. Ted Butler, and Mr. and Mrs. John Butler.

Mrs. John Butler’s parents home was torn down, but they escaped injury. Mrs. Ted Butler’s mother’s home was not in the path of the storm.

“An area about four blocks wide across the south side to town looked terrible,” Mr. Blain said. Everything torn and twisted.

When the Breckenridge party drove up they found the highways guarded. They came in on Highway No. 75. A highway patrolman gave them permission to drive through the storm stricken area, but not to stop in it. Mr. Blain paused to say the highway patrolmen were doing wonderful work.

By the time they arived(sic) the injured had been moved to the hospitals, but the big shade trees that grow there were twisted and torn and in many instances blown into the houses. “I never saw anything like it,” he declared.

The worst damage done to a building he saw was to the Southward School. He said. The north wall and been blown away from it and much of the flooring blown away.

By five o’clock this morning they were beginning to clean up.

Others here attempting to call McKinney this morning to inquire about relatives were told it still would be several hours before communications are established.

Breckenridge American, Breckenridge, TX 4 May 1948