Sherman, TX Train-Wagon Accident, Feb 1890


A Team Struck by a Freight Engine and the Driver Badly Hurt.

SHERMAN, TEX., Feb. 7. -- Particulars of a serious accident reached the city this morning.  Last evening J. M. McElroy started to drive across the Transcontinental railway east of the city. A freight train dashed out of a cut just west of the road-crossing and struck the horses, which threw the vehicle nearly across the track.  The full force of the locomotive came against the rear of the wagon and Mr. McElroy was thrown a distance of fully twenty feet and was in a semi-unconscious condition when picked up.  He was bleeding at the ears adn nose, and it was found that he had suffered concussion of the brain. He rallied soon, however, and said that he had probably heard the train whistle as it came through the cut, but that a number of boys had been whooping and hallooing up the road, and that he had pad no particular attention to the differences in noises.  He is adverely [sic] injured about the aide [sic] and it is feared he will die.

Galveston Daily News, Galveston, TX 8 Feb 1890