Dallas, TX Experimental Planes Crash, Feb 1966


Dallas, Tex. (AP) - A tilt-wing experimental airplane making a simulated rescue mission, crashed near Dallas Wednesday, killing the three men aboard.
Investigators from the Federal Aviation Agency and the aircraft's builder, Ling-Temco-Vought Aerospace Corp., searched for the charred wreckage today for a clue to the cause of the crash of the XC124A experimental craft.
The victims were:
STUART G. MADISON, 39, of Irving, Tex.
JOHN D. OMVIG, 43, of Arlington, Tex.
and CHARLES E. JESTER, 34, also of Irving. All were veteran test pilots.
The box-like airplane, designed to carry up to 32 battle ready troops, was undergoing testing. Its wings swivel so that the engines thrust downward, enabling the craft to take off and hover like a helicopter.
Five of the airplanes have been built, with one en route now aboard a ship to the Paris Air Show.

Ironwood Daily Globe Michigan 1966-02-04