Longview, TX Auto Crash Off Overpass, Nov 1974


Longview, Tex. (AP) - Nine persons were killed in Saturday's predawn darkness when their car left Interstate 20, careened into a guard rail then became airborne off an overpass, landing upside down on the ground 60 feet below.
Highway patrolmen theorized the driver fell asleep at 4:59 a.m. when the accident occurred.
The victims were identified as LARRY CARTER, 21, the driver; CURTIS CARTER, JR., 44; QUINZOLA CARTER, 11; LENORA CARTER, 42; VIRGINIA SULLIVAN, 19; PATRICIA CARTER, 13; TRISHA CARTER, 2; DEON CARTER, 6; all of Midwest City, Okla. and JOHNNY RAY AGERS, 21, of Waskom, Tex.
Officers said the vehicle slipped off the highway onto a grassy median, travelling 420 feet before the brakes were applied.
The car skidded 30 feet before it rammed the guard rail and was then launched into the air, slamming to the ground on its top 60 feet below the overpass. Residents in the heavily wooded-area said the crash sounded like a sonic boom.
Officers said there was confusion at first in identifying the victims because not all carried identification. The names of a number of Marshall, Tex. people, along with a gun, also were found in the mangled wreckage.
Highway patrolmen said eight of the victims were killed out right while a ninth person died on route to a Kilgore hospital.
Investigators said the group had travelled all night from Oklahoma and was within 40 miles of their destination, Elysian Fields, Tex., when the accident occurred.

Denton Record-Chronicle Texas 1974-11-10