Abilene, TX Two Auto Crash, July 1972


Abilene, Tex. (AP) - The death toll mounted to nine today in the crash of two cars Tuesday on the edge of Abilene.
Eight persons died instantly or shortly thereafter at Hendrick Memorial Hospital.
Succumbing today was MICHAEL RENFRO, 16, brother of the youth whom police identified as the driver of one of the cars.
All the six teen-agers in one car were victims. Three persons died in the other car while one in that car survived.
All the victims were Abilene residents.
State patrolmen said the automobile carrying the six persons tried to pass another vehicle, skidded and collided head on with the vehicle carrying four persons. Both automobiles were demolished.
Investigators blamed high speed and the rain-caused slickness of the pavement for the collision that happened on Farm Road 600 about 300 yards beyond Abilene's north city limits.
The others killed in the car bearing the RENFROS were CURTIS L. RENFRO, 16; HERMAN SUITERS, 16; BRENDA JOY WALKER, 16; DEBRA BELL, 14; and KATHY LIVINGSTON, 14.
Those killed in the other vehicle were TERESINA C. SHERMAN, 54; her daughter, LINDA, 18, just graduated from high school; and her son, JEFFREY, 13.
Riding in the SHERMAN can was RODDY LEE QUALLS, just turned 13, who underwent surgery. He is not a member of the SHERMAN family.

Vernon Daily Record Texas 1972-07-05