Blossom, TX Oil Lamp Fire, Jul 1909


Clothing Ignited from Lamp, Which He Threw Out of Door to Save House.


Paris, Tex., July 23. - The 6-year-old sno [sic] of Charles Morgan, living on the Griffin farm north of Blossom, was fatally burned Wednesday night at 8 o'clock. While the mother was out milking he attempted to carry a lighted lamp through the house.

The top pulled off and some of the oil spilled on his clothes and set them on fire. The child, with his clothes in flame, held on to the lamp and ran to the door and threw it in the yard to keep the house from burning.

His mother, attracted by the screams of two smaller children, ran in the house and found the little boy with all of his clothing burned off except the neckband of the shirt and the waistband of the pants. Death ensued at 2 o'clock yesterday morning. The child was conscious to the last and told his parents how the accident had occurred.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Jul 1909