Belvidere, VT Canadian Cargo Plane Crash, Sep 1991



Belvidere, Vt. (AP-CP) -- A Canadian cargo plane has crashed in northwestern Vermont, killing the crew of two and scattering debris over the mountainous area.
Vermont State Police said the names of the two victims would not be released until relatives have been informed. Volunteer searchers found the cockpit of the plane at about 7:30 a.m. in the town of Belvidere, which is northeast of Burlington.
"Everything shook," said Myrna Tallman. "I heard this ungodly noise. I thought one of the neighbors or someone had run into our building with a four-wheeler."
Tallman is the co-owner of Tallman's Store, which is located near the crash site.
Tallman said the Canair cargo plane went down shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday, several hundred metres behind the Richard Spaulding residence, at the foot of Laraway Mountain, an 840-metre peak located about 1.6 kilometres north of the Waterville Belvidere town line.
The cockpit was discovered this morning about 550 metres behind the Spaulding home.
The crash scattered debris, including packaged and frozen food, over a 1.6-kilometre-wide area.
State Police spokesman James Markowitz said investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration were on their way to Vermont to probe the cause of the crash.
Officials from Conair Cargo in Toronto refused to comment.
Radar and radio contact was lost with Flight 401 about 46 kilometres northeast of Burlington, an FAA spokeswoman said. The plane was flying at 4,875 metres when it disappeared at about 9:50 p.m., said duty officer Michele Motzi of the FAA in Burlington, Mass.
She said the plane had left Moncton, N.B., for Hamilton.
Neil Martin, spokesman for air traffic control at Pearson International Airport in Toronto confirmed the Canair flight was lost at about 9:50 p.m.
Air traffic controllers in Burlington said they were never in contact with the plane.
State police said its search and rescue unit, along with local fire departments and rescue squads, combed the area through the night and into the morning.
This was the third plane crash in Vermont this year.

Lethbridge Herald Alberta Canada 1991-09-19