Lovettsville, VA Air Disaster, Aug 1940

Lovettsville Va Air Disaster

No one actually saw the plane strike the ground, but the BISHOP family and others near the scene agreed that there was an explosion. The fragments of the wreckage tended to confirm this.
The plane crashed about 400 yards from the BISHOP house. Fragments of the motor were blown over the house. A part of one body was 2,000 feet from where the motors were imbedded in the mud.
The bodies were scattered over a radius of 500 yards. DR. JOHN GIBSON, Loudon county coroner, took charge of the almost impossible identification work.
When investigators reached the scene tonight, oil flares illuminated the alfalfa field, which was roped off and placed under guard at orders of CAB inspectors.
Access to the scene was difficult. The storm, of cloudburst proportions, was called the worst this extreme northern part of Virginia has seen in 10 years. Many roads were blocked off due to washouts. Flickering oil flares marked great chasms in the roads.

Fatalities in Crash Listed
PITTSBURGH - Pennsylvania Central Airlines Saturday night issued the following list of passengers and crew members aboard the airliner which crashed near Lovettsville, Va.

Crew Members
Capt. LOWELL SCROGGINS, Washington, D. C.; J. P. MOORE, first officer, Washington, D. C.; Hostess, MARGARET CARSON, Pittsburgh.

U. S. Sen. ERNEST LUNDEEN, F-L, Minnesota; DR. C. D. COLE, Washington, D. C.; E. J. TARR, Washington, D. C.; MISS M. TURNER, Huddleston, Va.; MISS C. POST, Washington, D. C.; WILLIAM GARBOSE, Department of Justice, Washington, D. C.; MISS EVELYN GOLDSMITH, Pittsburgh; MISS _______ BEER, Foster Travel Service, Washington, D. C.; A. HALLAWAY, interstate commerce commission, Washington, D. C.; DON STAIRE, Washington, D. C., PCA traffic manager; E. G. BOWER, internal revenue department, Mr. Lebanon, Pittsburgh; J. J. PESCI, former Duquesne university athlete, Department of Justice, home, Blairsville, Pa.; MISS NAOMI COLEO, Washington, D. C.; A. H. ELLIOTT, N. W., Washington, D. C.; MISS R. M. HALE, Charlottesville, Va.; MISS MILDRED CHESSER, Washington, D. C.; D. P. JANES, Interstate Commerce Commission, Des Moines; J. J. HOLLERITH, Chicago; E. W. CHAMBERS, Pittsburgh; W. M. BURLESON, Richmond, Va.; M. P. MAHAN, Washington, D. C., internal revenue department; A. MOCK, internal revenue department, Washington, D. C.

The Coshocton Tribune Ohio 1940-09-01