Chehalis, WA Balcony Collapse, Mar 1932



Twenty-four residents of Chehalis were recovering today from more or less serious injuries received Saturday night when a portion of the balcony at NATHAN MINTZER'S new furniture store in that city collapsed. Some of the victims were thrown about eight feet to the main floor, while others were caught under the balcony.
C. A. MOORE, a retired merchant, suffered a broken left ankle and a wrenched left knee. He is being cared for at his Cascade avenue home.
Practically all of the victims of the accident were taken to the St. Helens hospital, but more than half of them were able to return to their homes after their injuries were dressed by a staff of local physicians called by Fire Chief E. C. KUEHNER.
Ambulances responded to the call and within a few minutes after the crash all the injured were being cared for. A request for all available nurses was received in Centralia.
Seven of the victims spent Saturday night at the hospital and all were reported resting well today. The list of those at the hospital and their injuries follows:
MRS. L. J. RICHARDS, serious fracture of both bones of the right leg below the knee.
MRS. A. M. FOLLETT, fractured right wrist.
N. C. MAUL, state training school, bruised chest and right arm.
G. H. AUGEE, bruised chest.
MRS. AUGEE, minor bruises.
MRS. OTHA BAILEY, chief operator Chehalis central telephone station, bruised back.
MRS. MINNIE COOK, bruised left foot and injured pelvis.
Those who were able to return home were:
ELAINE AUGEE, slight bruises.
MRS. C. P. HANSEN, head cuts.
L. J. RICHARDS, bruised left ankle.
MRS. FRED AUST, Riverside, contusion on left arm.
J. G. HOSS, left ankle bruised.
LOUIS LUND, contusion of left elbow.
MRS. BERT LANEY, sprained ankle.
MRS. MARTHA HILL, serious bruises.
JOHN L. FINSTAD, sprained left ankle.
EMMA MADSEN, Riverside, shock and bruised left knee.
MRS. BESSIE GIBSON, cut on top of head.
A. M. FOLLETT, slight cut on head.
MR. and MRS. RALPH LEE, MRS. NANCY MULLIN and MRS. J. P. HATFIELD were also listed among the injured.
Others who were less seriously hurt went directly home.
The sotre was quickly emptied by Fire Chief KUCHNER, Patrolman JOE HATFIELD and others of the police department. Mayor JOHN WEST was also on the scene and assisted in handling the situation.
The MINTZER store was packed with several hundred people for the reopening of the place with a new stock of goods under his management. He was in business here some years ago and widely advertised his new store, the event attracting a record breaking crowd.
The portion of the balcony that crashed under the heavy weight of the group inspecting the store was but a small section, else the injuries to those hurt might have been much more serious, according to police.

Centralia Daily Chronicle Washington 1932-03-28