South Hill, WA Civil Air Patrol Cessna TU 206G Totaled in a Forced Landing, Mar 2011

CAP Plane after crash

On March 19, 2011 a Civil Air Patrol Cessna TU 206G, N6169Z, sustained substantial damage to the forward portion of the fuselage and empennage during a forced landing following a loss of engine power while in the airport traffic pattern at the Pierce County Airport – Thun Field (PLU), Puyallup, Washington. A representative from the engine manufacturer reported that operating the auxiliary fuel boost pump at a low engine power setting would “flood” the engine and result in a loss of engine power. It is likely that when the pilots applied power, the engine was flooded, which resulted in the total loss of engine power. The cause was identified as the pilots’ activation of the fuel boost pump while preparing to land, which was contrary to checklist procedures and resulted in a loss of engine power.


A pilot and passenger suffered no injuries shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday, March 19, 2011 when their Civil Air Patrol Cessna 206 crashed and overturned during a training flight at Pierce County Airport Thun Field.
The pilot was conducting “touch and go” landings at the general aviation field when he lost power at the south end of runway 16, said Bruce Thun, airport operations manager.
“I think they had made about 10 takeoffs and landings,” Thun said late Saturday afternoon.
“They lost power,” he said. “The nose wheel broke off, they plowed through the ground for 30 feet, flipped, and skidded another 30 feet.”
The pilot and passenger, two men who were not identified, “are fine, no injuries. They’re a little sore,” Thun said.
A team from the Federal Aviation Administration responded to the scene. An investigation will continue with a team from the National Transportation Safety Board, Thun said.
The plane appears to be a total loss. After fuel was removed from the wreckage, the various broken parts of the plane were removed to a shop area, Thun said.
Gary Grindley, acting airport supervisor for Pierce County, said the cause of the crash had not been determined Saturday afternoon.
“They lost power,” he said. “What caused the loss of power I don’t know. What caused it – that may take months.”
The plane was operated by the Mount Rainier Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.