Tacoma, WA Landing Slip Collapse, Jun 1907


Landing Slip Collapses With a Thousand On It.

Tacoma, Wash., Junt[sic] 25.---Four were drowned and a score or more injured at Stone's landing yesterday by the breaking of the landing slip of the steamer Multnomah, which was taking aboard a picnicking party numbering more than a thousand persons.

The dead:

Elmer Boden, aged 30, Seattle; Agnes Peterson, aged 10, daughter of Peter Peterson; Elmer Oberga, aged 4, son of Fred Oberga; and Baby Oberga. The last three lived in Tacoma. The accident happened while the excursionists were embarking on the steamer for their return to Tacoma.

Aberdeen Daily American, Aberdeen. SD 26 Jun 1907