Wellington, WA Avalanche and Train Wreck, Mar 1910

Wreckage of the Wellington Avalanche Wreckage of the Wellington Avalanche Wellington WA Wreckage Wellington WASH 1.jpg Wellington WASH 2.jpg WELLINGTON WA TRAIN WRECK

It is feared that many of the bodies will never be recovered. The warm weather and rains of the last three days have turned the little mountain stream that flows through the canyon into a raging torrent and the water is fast undermining the snow which was carried far out across the bottom of the gorge. It is believed that many bodies were carried clear across the gulch and hurled under forty feet of snow. As the stream rises and the water undermines the debris there is danger of the bodies dropping into the river and being carried away by the swift current.

The rain which has been falling for three days turned into snow tonight and a fearful blizzard is raging. The addition of new snow to the covering that lies eighteen feet deep on the mountainsides increases the danger of more slides, and adds to the peril of the rescuers who are laboring night and day at the task of removing the bodies of the dead.

Owing to trouble with foreign laborers who attempted to loot the bodies, Supt. O'Neill has sent all of them from the camp and is employing only American workmen.


WELLINGTON, Wash., March 4.--Following is a list of the dead whose bodies have been recovered and identified:
ED. BENNINGTON, fireman.
R. H. BETHEL, Seattle.
ED. CAMPBELL, conductor.
JOE CARROLL, engineer.
ALEX CHISHOLM, Roosland, B. C.
SOL COHEN, Everett.
MRS. M. A. COVINGTON, Olympia.
THELMA DAVIS, 3 year old, Seattle.
WM. DORETY, brakeman.
A. R. DUPY, brakeman.
S. C. ELTINGE, Seattle.
DAN C. GILMAN, fireman.
CHAS. JENISON, brakeman.
J. KELLY, brakeman.
EDGAR LEMMAN, Hunters, Wash.
MRS. ADA LEMMAN, his wife.
ED. LINDSEY, conductor.
A. G. MAHLER, Seattle.
JAMES McNEBY, Seattle.
BERT MATHEWS, Cincinnati.
T. L. OSBORNE, engineer.
J. PARRYBOK, conductor.
J. L. PETTIT, conductor.
FRANCIS and LILLIAN STARRETT, brother and sister, children, Chemainus, B.C.
A. S. TROMLER, brakeman.
E. W. TOPPING, Ashland, O.
A. R. VIALLY, Trinidad, Wash.
Four bodies are unidentified.

Centralia Daily Chronicle Washington 1910-03-04


Wellington Train Disaster

The town of Wellington was renamed Tye after the Tye river in the valley where the town sits. The town was abandoned after they built a new longer tunnel in 1929 that bypassed the town. The town was later intentionally burned to such an extent that almost no remnants of the town remain.

Wellington Train Disaster

My maternal grandfather, Verne Fahlstrom, worked as an electrician in the Cascade Tunnel; he & my grandmother, Carrie Foote Fahlstrom lived in the community of Cascade. Grandpa told us that after the wreck, the town of Wellington was renamed to help distance it from the negativity of the disaster. I don't remember what the new name was and don't know if the town still exists now (2010).