Fairmont, WV Porch Collapses at a Riot, May 1908


FAIRMONT, W. Va., May 24.---One man was killed and two police officers and 12 foreigners were injured in a riot early today at Thoburn, a nearby mining town, following a Slavish wedding celebration. The celebrants became noisy early this morning and nearby residents called the police.

The two officers were refused admission and broke open the doors. A fierce fight at once started, in the midst of which a shot rang out and Mihal Ladar, a miner, dropped to the floor. The officers retreated to the porch followed by the maddened foreigners, and then the porch collapsed, precipitating all to the ground, 10 feet below. All suffered some injury, either in the fight or in the collapse of the porch.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 25 May 1908


Cross reference with WV VR

Cross reference with WV VR Archive lists named dead as Mihal LAZAR.