Kohler, WI auto wreck, Aug 1930

Kohler Boy Is Killed By Automobile

A 5-year-old child, frightened by a dog while crossing the Upper Falls road in the village of Kohler late Monday, started back across the highway and was killed almost instantly when struck by an automobile driven by Abraham Rafkind of 1337 Carl avenue.

The victim of one of Sheboygan county's most tragic auto accidents in many years was Clinton, twin brother of Clifford Maas and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maas of Oakley street, Kohler.

Ralph Kaw, 13, step-brother of the accident victim, had gone across the road to the home of August Schrader, which is north of the paved highway, and the twins were a short distance behind him. They had crossed safely toward the Schrader home, but when they were starting to step over the curb, a dog at the Schrader place started to bark. They thought it was loose, and became frightened.

Both little fellows started back toward the south side of the highway. Clifford got safely on the side, but Clinton kept his eyes on the dog and backed up. He did not see the Rafkind automobile, a small truck, approaching from the east, and he was struck by it. His skull was crushed, and he died soon afterward.

Someone picked up the dying child and carried him to the Maas home. Mrs. Maas, terrified, took her baby in her arms and rushed over to a neighboring home where there was an automobile, and accompanied by her husband, went to the Kohler medical department, where the physician in charge did everything he could to save the injured child's life. He died in the office, and his body was taken to the Kroos Funeral Home in Sheboygan.

Mrs. Morris Hootkin, 1719 N. Thirteenth street, who had been visiting in Fond du Lac, and who was returning to Sheboygan with Max Rafkind and his son, Abraham, 18, suffered a fractured arm and other serious injuries when the automobile, which the driver turned sharply to the right to avoid hitting the child, jumped the curb, hit a tree and tipped over. Max Rafkind sustained lacerations about the face. Mr. and Mrs. Dyke McGray, and Roman Stephani took them to the Kohler medical office. Later, Mrs. Hootkin was removed to St. Nicholas hospital, and Mr. Rafkind to his house. Abraham Rafkind was not seriously hurt.

Mr. Rafkind said that the fatally injured child ran back and forth, trying to dodge the car, which was going east toward Sheboygan, and that he applied his brakes and attempted to turn out of the way. When his right front wheel struck the curb, the automobile swung around and the side of it hit the child, he said. The left side of the automobile was badly damaged.

Clinton would have been 5 years old in October, and he was looking forward to his entrance in the kindergarten department of the Kohler school in September. He and his brother were inseperable companions, and two of the most beloved children in Kohler. Besides Clifford, he is survived by his parents, four sisters, Helen, Leona, Alice and Florence Maas; one brother, Elmer Maas, and one step-brother, Ralph Kaw, and two step-sisters, LaVerne and Virginia Kaw.

The body was taken to the Robert H. Kroos Funeral Home and services will be held there at 8 o'clock Thursday morning. At 8:30 o'clock services will be held at St. Mary's Catholic church in Sheboygan Falls. Rev. George Goesel will officiate and internment will be in Wildwood cemetery, Sheboygan.

The Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 19 Aug 1930