Kenosha, WI Train And Auto Collision, Feb 1930





Kenosha, Wis., Feb. 24 (AP) --Eleven persons were killed and at least 100 were injured when a Chicago bound passenger train of the Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee electric railroad struck an auto at a grade crossing just north of Kenosha late last night and was derailed.
THe auto was hurled directly into the path of a northbound freight train, as the five cars of the passenger train left the track and piled into an eight-foot ditch.
The first car of the passenger train, which was traveling nearly 60-miles an hour, buried its nose in the soft mud of the ditch. The car behind piled into it. The three rear cars also went into the ditch but their passengers were more fortunate than those in the two forward cars.
The dead:
FRANK BUDAY, Milwaukee, driver of the auto.
NORMAN E. SHINNERS, Milwaukee, a passenger in the auto.
JAMES B. POTEOUS, Racine, Wis.
E. F. REIBE, Milwaukee.
JAMES FITZGERALD, Manistique, Mich.
J. B. GOGGIN, Chicago.
RUTH REIBE, 25, Milwaukee.
ALEXA STEINHORST, 29, Kenosha, teacher.
Therer were 59 men, women and children under treatment at two Kenosha hospitals early today. Their injuries included broken arms, legs and ribs, skull fractures, internal injuries and bruises. Ten were pronounced in critical condition.
At least 50 other passengers were treated at the hospitals and then released.
It was the first time in 10 years that a passenger on the North Shore line had met death in an accident, the company said. The line has been awarded national recognition both for speed and safety in recent years.
The BUDAY auto was traveling north when the passenger train bore down along the straightaway stretch. The train struck the car squarely, just as the 16-car freight train was approaching from the south. The machine was momentarily wedged between the two trains, before the passenger train left the rails. Several freight cars were derailed; but they remained upright.
First reports that the freight caught fire were incorrect. Actually the horror of the scene was the greater because of the darkness, the scores of injured frantically crying for help and funbling their way out of the debris.
Passing autos were first to give aid. The injured were placed in the machines and taken to the Kenosha and St. Catherine's hospitals.
Several of the dead were buried in the debris of the first car, and it was necessary to burn through the steel coach to remove their bodies.
One survivor, LEWIS KRESINSKI, Chicago, who was riding in the third car, said:
"There was a dreadful crash. People were thrown from their seats. Some started to scream and others groaned. Our car was turned over on its side and we were able to get out the door."
MRS. ALBERT SKOCZNSKI, another passenger in the third coach, said the woman seated in front of her fainted and was carried out by several men.
"Passengers in the other cars told me they saw people killed, lying about on the floor of the car," she said. She was one of the few of the 328 passengers to escape without a bruise.
The train was carrying an unusually heavy load due to the fact that many Chicagoans were returning from the double holiday in Wisconsin.
Two highways parallel the railroad right of way, and within a few minutes following the wreck the light of scores of headlights were focused upon the wreckage.
C. W. HALL, of Chicago motorman of the passenger train saved his life by jumping. He is in a hospital with both legs broken. The front of the car from which he jumped was demolished.
A steady rain hampered work of wreckage crews, but by 10 o'clock the two rear coaches of the wrecked passenger train had been hoisted out of the muddy ditch. A more difficult task lay ahead in raising the other three coaches and workers said it still was possible they would find additional victims beneath the wreckage of the front cars.

Kenosha, Wis. -- (AP) -- Following are listed the names of persons injured late last night in the wreck of the Chicago bound North Shore interurban train north of here:
The Injured:
LAWRENCE ANTOSS, 1958 West Twenty-first street, Chicago.
STANLEY BELDEN, 1800 Cottage avenue, Racine, Wis.
LEE BORDENER, 1651 Jonquil terrace, Chicago.
WILLIAM BURNHALL, 4449 Clinton street, Chicago; conductor of train; may die.
DR. S. H. CAMPBELL, 111 Canal street, Chicago.
H. D. CAREY, probably fatally hurt.
ADA CONDIT, 1903 Humboldt Park boulevard, Chicago.
I. M. DUNLOP, 6127 Twenty-fourth street, Kenosha, Wis.
S. J. FRIEDMAN, Milwaukee A. C.
JACK GARLACHS, 6302 Twenty-fourth street, Kenosha, Wis.
GILBERT A. GEPPSON, 3837 Osgood street, Chicago.
G. H. GILMORE, 4152 West Irving Park boulevard, Chicago.
C. W. HALL, 4449 Clifron avenue, Chicago; Motorman; believed dying.
LYEIN HARRIS, 4300 Drexel avenue, Chicago.
HENRY HELBERT, 4454 Ashland boulevard, Chicago.
MARIAN HELBERT, 4454 Ashland boulevard, Chicago.
FRANK JENSON, 6215 Seventh street, Kenosha, Wis.
MAURICE L. JACKSON, 5827 Glenwood avenue, Chicago.
TAYLOR KALLMEYER, 4420 Greenwood avenue, Racine, Wis.
MARGARET KEENOR, 1251 Argyle avenue, Chicago.
VIRGIL KENDIEL, 6090 Sixty-second street, Chicago.
MARIE KESSINICH, 3530 Cherry street, Chicago.
MELVIN KNUDSON, 1120 North Mason avenue, Chicago.
RUBY KOLB, 117 Mt. Vernon street, Oshkosh, Wis.
R. E. KUNDE, 5210 West Chicago avenue, Chicago.
VIRGIL KUDIEL, 1690 Sixty-second street, Chicago.
R. E. KJRDE, 5211 West Chicago avenue, Chicago.
JACK LANDAUER, Walker hotel, Chicago.
RAMUNDO LLADA, 6334 Seventh avenue, Kenosha, Wis.
L. LAST, 3120 Montrose avenue, Chicago.
ANTONE LAURENE, 1925 Twnety-first street, Chicago.
CHESTER LICKING, 4 East Eleventh street, Chicago.
ALICE LERFESE, 5135 Blackstone avenue, Chicago.
MARION T. LUCAREL, 1220 Grand avenue, Racine, Wis.
ALICE LYCE, 5135 Blackstone avenue, Chicago.
ELMER LUNDQUIST, 220 North Parkside, Chicago.
ARTHUR MATTHEWS, 203 Main street, Racine, Wis.
DR. SAMUEL McCORMICK, 407 East 112th street, Chicago.
CHARLES MIDDENDORF, 63 Seventy-second avenue, West Allis, Wis.
MRS. EDNA METZGER, 670 Sheridan raod, Chicago.
ALLAN McLAREN, 317 South Oak Park avenue, Oak Park, Ill.
CHARLOTTE OVRY, 3251 Republic avenue, Racine, Wis.
MRS. ANNA OZONOFF, 1226 Independence avenue, Chicago.
THELMA PARSONS, 4940 Withrop avenue, Chicago.
NORMA PAULDING, 1905 Bradley street, Chicago.
FRANK PENSAN, 6215 7th avenue, Kenosha.
LEE PEXTON, 7614 Essex avenue, Chicago; may be fatally hurt.
AL POWERS, 2515 Seventh avenue, Kenosha.
NETTIE POWERS 2517 Seventh avenue, Racine, Wis.
T. POWERS, 2512 Seventy-first street, Kenosha, Wis.
A. E. PETERS, 4644 North Racine avenue, Chicago.
P. C. RONAYNE, 490 Fortieth street, Milwawukee, Wis.
ANN RICE, 6321 Twenty-fifth street, Kenosha, Wis.
MRS. ANNA ROMASOS, 1226 Independence boulevard, Chicago.
FRED SCHMIDT, 1115 Forty-first street, Milwaukee.
ALLEN SCHUBAR, 2150 West Eighteenth place.
ED SEDLACK, 1840 Hammond street, Chicago.
OLGA SEDLACK, 2244 Hammond avenue, Chicago.
OLGO SEDLACK, 2244 Hammond avenue, Chicago.
AULGO SEDLACK, 224 South avenue, Chicago.
DR. C. D. SMITH, East Suburban hospital, Oak Park. Ill.
NORMA TAWLING, 1905 Bradley street, Chicago.
RALPH WADE, 1435 East Sixtieth street, Chicago.
HAROLD WENDT, 713 South Wabash street, Chicago.
JOHN R. WILSON, 6423 Ninth street, Kenosha, Wis.
AUGUST ZILLSCH, 2110 West Morland street, Waukegan, Ill.
W. RICHARDSON, 644 Michigan avenue, Highland Park, Ill.
JOSEPH MARKEN, 158 Eugenia street, Chicago.
MRS. A. HOIST, 1133 Bryn Mawr avenue, Chicago.
STEVE TRULSON, 6011 Cummings avenue, Waukegan, Ill.
HENRY WEISS, 2615 Twenty-third street, Kenosha.
L. B. JEFFERY, Hotel Eleanor, Cicero, Ill.
MRS. EDNA METZGER, 670 Sheridan road, Chicago.
JANE HIGH, Presbyterian hospital, Chicago.
MARIE SUMLEC, 1743 West Superior street, Chicago.
MARGIE SADOWSKI, 4141 North Hamlin avenue, Chicago.
GILBERT JEPSON, 3837 Osgood street, Chicago.
H. L. KOCHEL, 3311 Washington boulevard, Chicago.
S. G. SMITH, Great Lakes, Ill.
THERESA DONNELLEY, 851 Berry avenue, Chicago.
NORA JOHNSON, 118 East Twenty-first street, Chicago.
MRS. A. DANNEBERG, 3536 North Marshfield avenue, Chicago.
HANS KUEHL, Waukegan.
A. O. WRIGHT, Beaver Dam, Wis.
ALMA KRESSEN, Libertyville, Ill.
LILLIAN FELDSTEIN, 515 East Sixtieth street, Chicago.
LOUIS ARNOLD, 7138 South Hermitage avenue, Chicago.
ELFRED CHRISTIANSEN, 6020 Twenty-second avenue, Kenosha.
MORRIS SALTZBERG, 134 Farragut avenue, Chicago.
MARIE PAULL, 1157 Diversey boulevard, Chicago.
DAN J. O'CONNELL, 612 North Michigan avenue, Chicago.
C. HAGEN, 1350 Esther avenue, Chicago.
WALTER BURMEISTER, 1624 Nelson avenue, Chicago.
W. F. BORGES, 23 Summit avenue, Milwaukee.
H. A. LUBBERS, Waukegan.
MR. and MRS. J. FOX, 29 Quincy street, Chicago.
HILTON JONES, Kimball building, Chicago.

Evening Independent Massillon Ohio 1930-02-24


What you are referring to

What you are referring to occured in December 1928 on what is now 75th street and where the tracks cross on the elevated bridge past Sheridan Rd. It was not elevated at that time. Several teens from wealthy families wre killded. They were in a car on a treasure hunt as part of a holiday party. Ferrin Alford was one of the young people. Wish I could find more information.

1930 Kenosha car-train accident

My Dad has mentioned a terrible car-train accident in which several young people were killed. They were perhaps high school age & used to drop in and chat at my Granddad's filling station in Kenosha. My Dad was born in 1923 and this may be the accident he's referring to. Any more knowledge of the car's occupants?