Manitowoc, WI Train-Auto Wreck, Aug 1930

Six Badly Hurt In Crossing Crash

Manitowoc Party And Train Meet

Two Critically Hurt And Four Are Badly Mangled In Mishap Wednesday Night

Six young people from Manitowoc were injured, two critically, when the automobile in which they were riding crashed into a Chicago and North Western freight train at a little used crossing four miles south of Manitowoc at 11 p.m. Wednesday.

The accident occurred one and one-half miles north from the spot where five persons lost their lived in an auto-train accident only a few weeks ago.

Feet Severed

Victor Kowalski, 19, Manitowoc, was most seriously injured. He was seated next to one of the doors of the coach. His feet were severed from his limbs at the ankles. Physicians at the hospital at Manitowoc were making blood tests and preparing for a blood transfusion early this afternoon. His condition is critical due to loss of blood and possible other serious injuries.

Eleanor Behrendt, 18, was still unconscious this morning and was suffering from a concussion of the brain. A skull fracture is feared by attending physicians at the Manitowoc hospital, where all the injured were rushed after the accident.

Other Injuries

The others were Alois Rozmorinski, driver of the car, who received to broken arms; Edwin Osisek, who was badly bruised and who received severe lacerations; Mari Grall, Manitowoc high school student, who was rendered unconscious and is seriously injured; and her sister, Emma, 18, suffering a possible skull fracture and severe scalp wounds.

While Kowalski and Miss Behrendt were in a critical condition early this afternoon, attending physicians said the others probably would recover. The six youths comprised a party out for a ride.

The accident occurred when Rozmorinski, driving over an unfamiliar road, suddenly came over a knoll and upon the railway crossing. The coach was demolished when it struck the side of the moving freight train, throwing the occupants to the ground. The members of the crew on the train were not aware of the accident until informed what had happened this morning.

Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 21 Aug 1930


Manitowoc Youth Is Dead As Result Of Injuries Received In Crossing Crash

Dies At Manitowoc

Manitowoc, Wis.-(AP)-Victor Kowalski, 19, died today from injuries received in an auto-train crash near here last Thursday. Although he lost both feet, doctors said shock was the cause of death.

Five other involved in the accident will recover.

Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 25 Aug 1930