Embarrass, WI Saloon Fire & Shooting, Oct 1879


Sequel to the Shooting of MISS SWINTON - The Dixon & Mosier Saloon Burned to the Ground.

Special Dispatch to the Northwester

Clintonvlie [sic], Oct., 29 – The sequel to the shooting of MISS MARY SWINTON by Dan Dixon, at Embarrass, news of which was sent you last week, occurred in that village Saturday night when the saloon kept by Dan Dixon and Chas. Mosier, and the residence of the latter were burned to the ground. Mosier is a brother-in-law of Dixon, having married Dixon’s sister, and both together, kept a saloon. Mosier’s residence is adjoining his saloon. The saloon occupied a double building. The three buildings were totally consumed by fire, shortly after midnight. Whether the fire was accidental, or was set by some one backed by an indignant public, is not known, but various theories are in vogue. The shooting of MISS SWINTON by Dixon had wrought the people of Embarrass up to a high pitch of indignation, for this and another reason. The saloon kept by Mosier and Dixon was the only one in the city, and had given great annoyance to the more respectable class of the community. Since the first excitement of the shooting MISS SWINTON has died away, the story is now told that the young lady and Dixon were not engaged to be married, the lady having some weeks before broken off the engagement because Dixon went into the saloon business. Many discredit the allegation that the shooting was accidental. No legal steps have been taken, however, as Dixon’s sister was the only person present at the shooting. There is a diversity of opinion on the subject, and more or less ill-feeling in the community towards Dixon, to which is attributed by some the burning of the saloon Saturday night.

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 27 Oct 1879