Green Lake, WI Two Auto Collision, Oct 1957


Green Lake - The worst traffic accident in Green Lake County's history took the lives of five persons Tuesday evening.
Killed were three high school students returning from a church roller skating party, their chaperone, a Markesan High School teacher, and an insurance salesman from Ripon.
Three other youngsters were injured in the two-car crash which occurred on County Trunk Q about five miles southeast of here at 10:30 p.m. The cars crashed on a straight stretch of blacktop in a heavy rainstorm near the Fond du Lac County line.
Capt. Lloyd Schoephoester of the Green Lake County Police listed the dead as:
JOHN HULL, 16, driver of one of the cars;
JOHN BURRIS, 15, both of Markesan.
DIANE KNIGHT, 15, of Kingston.
MISS JEAN CREIGHTON, 22, home economics teacher at Markesan High School.
and FLOYD HARTMAN, 26, Ripon, a salesman for Lutheran Aid Insurance.
Injured and patients at Ripon Municipal Hospital are ROBERT STAHLKOPF, 16, SANDRA PAGE, 14, and LOUISE LUEPTOW, all of Markesan.
Occupants of the car driven by HULL were the six teen-agers and MISS CREIGHTON. They were returning from the roller skating party which was attended by about 80 young people from Markesan and Kingston. The party was sponsored by the Methodist and Evangelical churches of the two towns. HARTMAN, who was alone in his car, was believed to have been on his way home.

No Eye Witnesses.
There were no eyewitnesses to the crash. An occupant at a house near the scene of the accident told officers he heard the sound of a horn seconds before the crash. Moments later he heard someone call for help. It was STAHLKOPF, who had been thrown free of the wreckage and was lying in the center of the road. He suffered a broken leg, but was not believed seriously hurt. MISS PAGE and MISS LUPETOW were also thrown from the car, but the five victims were removed from the wreckage by officers and ambulance attendants. MISS PAGE and MISS LUPETOW suffered broken bones, but were not listed as critically injured.
Capt. Schoephoester and Officer Leroy Schoephoester, both of whom responded to the call Tuesday evening returned to the scene this morning and tried to reconstruct the accident. They said HARTMAN was traveling north and the HULL car was traveling south on the blacktop at the Don Miller farm in the Town of Green Lake.
The captain of the county force, who lives in Markesan, said it was the worst accident in the county since records have been kept. A veteran officer, who has investigated many fatal crashes, he was upset over the tragedy. Personally acquainted with of the young people and their parents, he told a reporter he broke into tears on returning to his home after 4 o'clock this morning.
MISS CREIGHTON, whose home was at Whitewater, was in her first year of teaching. Walter Knight, father of Diane, is president of the village of Kingston.
MISS CREIGHTON, JOHN BURRIS and HARTMAN were killed instantly. JOHN HULL died on the county ambulance stretcher shortly after reaching the hospital and MISS KNIGHT died at 3:30 a.m. today.
The cars were so tightly interlocked that officers called on Miller to use his farm tractor to pull the vehicles apart. Clothing and other personal possessions of the victims were scattered along the roadway as were parts of the automobiles.

The Oshkosh Northwestern Wisconsin 1957-10-16