Madison, WI Circus Panther Accident, Aug 1886

Excitement At A Circus.

MADISON, Wis., Aug. 21.---When the parade of Barnum's circus was about to start to-day a thrilling event occurred. Mrs. Reif, of this city, was near the panther's cage, which contained four animals and the keeper. Her hat was blown under the cage by a sudden gust of wind, and she stopped to secure it. As she did so a large panther put his paw out and caught her by the head and with the other paw in her face, lifted her from the ground.

The keeper rushed upon the furious beast and beat him severely, and this enraged the other animals greatly. To those about it looked as if the keeper would be set upon and killed, but he was very courageous. He beat the animals right and left in a powerful manner, and so cowed them that they gave up the attack. Mrs. Reif was badly injured about the face and head, and had to be removed to her home. The event caused great excitement among the large crowd.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 26 Aug 1886