Milwaukee, WI Grace Hotel Fire, Jul 1889


Firemen Fighting Flames on the Roof of Grace Hotel Fall with the Walls---Five of Them May Die.

MILWAUKEE, Wis., July 18.---Fire to-night destroyed the Grace Hotel, a four-story brick structure, at the corner of Park and Reed Streets, on the South Side. About twenty-five firemen were injured, of whom five may die. The pecuniary loss will be small.

Among the injured are Chief James Foley, Capt. P. J. Linehan, Capt. John Wolf, Assistant, and Chief Clancy. It is feared that Capt. Linehan and Capt. Wolf cannot recover.

Two alarms were sent in, owing to the dangerous locality. At a time when the fire seemed to be under control, and while several firemen were in the structure to subdue what little flames were left, with ten others on the roof, the structure collapsed and nothing but a mass of debris was left.

The firemen on the roof and those on the ladders and within went down with the ruins. It was an unexpected catastrophe, and the crowd groaned as one man when they realized what had happened. The work of rescue then began, and as quickly as the injured could be gotten out, ambulances and other conveyances hurried them to the Emergency Hospital.

The New York Times, New York, NY 19 Jul 1889

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Hotel Grace fire

On Google type: Edward Haley - Midwest Family History. Edward Haley was a fireman who died, but his body wasn't found until the next day. At the bottom you can open a large comprehensive article about the fire. I haven't figured out how to print it or link to it yet. Article is from the Milwaukee Sentinel 19 Jul 1899.

grace hotel fire

My great grandfather was a fireman who was buried in this fire.His name was Tony Walters. If anyone has a copy of the news paper on this I'd like to see it. I think he may have needed to retire after this . However I've also heard stories of him being in the third ward fire. Which make me wonder if this fire was in 1889 or 1899. I do remember reading a news clipping years ago connecting Tony with the Grace hotel fire.